Stress Relief

At the end of a week of 13+ hour workdays, comments like this keep me going.

“You look tired. Do you want to conga line with us? It really wakes you up.”

“We thought you should know that someone is stuck in the recycling bin, but don’t be stressed because we’re going to get her out.”

“If you had a beard, I would shave it for you. Because I care.”

I love those kids.


2 responses to “Stress Relief

  1. I can assure you that conga lines do help. At last year’s 5th grade “Bring a loved one to lunch” day, not only did I participate in some ball game where you throw a ball at someone, and then if they catch it, you’re now the hunted, but if they don’t, you get to keep throwing and take them all out but I also participated in the conga line with 5-8 fifth grade boys. Lots of fun, but the best fun came after one child hit me in the butt with the muddy ball, and then apologized profusely before running for his life when I responded to his apology with “Apology accepted. Now I’m it, right? You better run!” and then proceeded to chase them all, much to the amusement of my sister and other parents who were watching. Great times – do the conga line!

  2. Oh my good god. Just found this blog and I’m dying. I’m starting school and going for my el-ed degree and like you, I’m tattooed. The school you teach at sounds incredible. I know of a couple in my area that are alternative like that, so that’s where I shall send my resume when I graduate. Thank you for providing me with many sweet posts to read and be inspired by!

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