Holy crap, it’s summer

Aaaaand, it’s vacation! It has been for over a month, actually. But I’m just updating this now. It’s vacation. Leave me alone.

The last day of school was hard. Really, really hard. I cried, and I’m not really that much of a crier. I’d had these kids for two years. They were the first class I ever had of my own. Most of all, they were really awesome. Sweet, cute, funny, smart, hilarious. My colleagues tell me that I’ll love the next bunch, too. That in 2 years I’ll be crying to see the next group go. They tend to be right about most things.

Most people think that summer vacation is a time where teachers lay on the beach and drink before 5 p.m. That’s true. And it’s awesome. But we do other stuff, too. We take classes, go to conferences and workshops. If you do see us at the beach, chances are we are reading something work related. My copy of “The Readers Workshop” has sand in it. True story. So on one hand, I still have my teacher hat firmly on. It feels weird not being around the kids, though. I miss them.


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