Frozen Fun

I’m not a big fan of winter. I never have been. I was the kid who was standing off to the side talking loudly about why Florida was a great place to live while everyone else was making snowmen. Yet at 26, I’m still living in a place that dumps a foot of snow on me and freezes my car doors shut.

The other day it was exactly 3 degrees when I left my house. When I got out of my car at work, it was ZERO degrees. My nostrils nearly froze shut on the short walk in. It was also a half day, so rather than a recess after lunch, we have a morning recess. This also means that instead of having an assistant take my class out, I do it myself. Quite a few teachers decided to have indoor recess today due to the cold. That was not an option for us. I toyed with the idea for a bit, but by 10 you could literally hear the humming noise emanating from 23 8 year olds who REALLY needed to run off some energy.

So we bundled up and headed out, where the temp had risen to all of 4 degrees. Luckily the kids didn’t seem too bothered. They happily engaged in some of their favorite winter activities, including….

  • Falling face first into the snow.
  • Insisting you are wearing snowpants when clearly you aren’t, specifically so you can join your friends in falling face first into the snow.
  • Going down a plastic slide while wearing nylon winter gear, thus rocketing off the slide at approximately 500 MPH
  • Going down the slide immediately after someone else, so you rocket into them at 500 mph
  • Loudly proclaiming that your pants are not actually jeans, but are in fact snowpants designed by the military to look like jeans
  • Rubbing snow on your face and neck to prove to your teacher that it isn’t actually cold out
  • Making a snowman
  • Karate kicking snowmen
  • Whirling around while holding balls of snow and then accidentally releasing them, but definitely not actually throwing snowballs, because that’s against school rules.

Ah, winter.


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