Butterfly Brain

Last week, I had a horrible headache- pain, trouble seeing, the works. I left a bit early, and our vice principal stayed with my class through dismissal. Before he came in, I explained to the kids why I was leaving. It was graphic, maybe, but to the point.

“I have an awful headache. It hurts really bad, especially in my eyes. It feels like something is trying to escape my head through my eyes.”

“Is it a butterfly?” This was blurted out immediately by one of my boys with some attentional/impulsivity issues. I burst out laughing, and the kids joined in. I waited for them to pack up, and as I was getting ready to leave, a few of my kids came back from speech.

“Where’s she going?” One asked. “There’s a butterfly in her brain or something”, another responded.

On my way out the door at this point, I called back “I’m fine. I don’t have a butterfly in my brain!” The facial expression on the other teachers was priceless.


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