Very important meeting!

While we were waiting in library for the rest of the class to check out books, one little guy suddenly announced he had a very important meeting, and pulled his head into his shirt.

“Um, what?” I asked. Muffled by fabric, he bellowed “Very important meeting!” “With who?” I asked. “My nipples!” He announced, still inside his shirt. This is a kid that’s normally extremely active, so considering he was at least standing still, I decided to let it go. The other kids looked at me. I shrugged.

A few minutes went by, and I could hear him having a muffled but intense conversation. Eventually, I asked him to come out so we could go upstairs. He popped out long enough to announce that he first had to count his nipples to make sure they were still there. He then withdrew back into his shirt, and yelled, “No nipple! You can’t leave yet, the meeting isn’t over!” Luckily, both nipples stayed in place and cooperated, so we made it back to class in time for snack.


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