Today we had “Dress up like a book character day”. It’s fun! And because we don’t let the kids dress up for Halloween (which I think is ridiculous, but no one is asking me), it also is an outlet for everyones costume desires and leftover Halloween stuff. Which means that for every Harry Potter, there are five ninjas. For every Curious George, there are 3 kids in skull masks. For every Eloise, Madeline, and Fancy Nancy, there are 35 kids in football/basketball/baseball gear. Because you HAVE, technically, read a book with a ninja, a skeleton, a pro athlete. Just because the kid in that particular costume can’t name you the book, so what?

I went as Mrs. Frizzle. For those of you who had childhoods bereft of the glory that was “The Magic Schoolbus”, this is who I mean.


Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 8.59.40 PM

I wore a blue dress, with stars and planets cut out of colored felt. Since I have the fine motor skills of a sloth, everything looked really uneven and messy, or “authentic” as I like to call it. I like to think it makes me fit in with the kids.

The one highlight of my outfit was my shoes. Red heels with yellow paper stars taped on the toe. Now, I do not wear heels. Especially not ones like these. I’m not actually sure why I own this pair of shiny red pumps with high heels, but I bet they cost less than $15 and I felt I was being ironic. They hurt like hell.

The kids reaction was, unsurprisingly, the highlight. In the morning as they were coming in, a few commented. “You look…” One boy trailed off, a frown on his face. “They’re…” As we were waiting for his answer, in the lull left by his thinking, two other kids answered at once. Loudly. Shrilly. And at the exact same time.

“It’s freaking me out, man!” One little guy yelped, arms waving, while a girl threw both hands into the air and shrieked “You are MAGNIFICENT!”

They sort of cancelled each other out, but I still felt pretty good about being magnificent.

Until at the end of the day, I told the girl who yelled it that it was a great word, and she confessed she had no idea what it meant.


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