What’s in your pocket?

We’re studying matter in science, and recently we started weighing cubes of various materials in grams. During this particular lesson, we were recording the weights on the board. One cube weighed 20 grams.

Apparently this had meaning for someone, because he began to sing about it.

If you don’t frequenting social media, you may have missed Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop.” If you did not miss it, you probably feel similar to how I feel. Namely that if one more person posted the goddamn youtube video to that song, I was going to throttle them with their grandfather’s vintage suspenders and hide the body in Goodwill.

Well, the younger generation did not miss this video either. (They don’t miss much. They’ve finally stopping singing Gangam style.) As I was writing the weight on the board, from behind me, in a ridiculously deep but hysterically accurate voice I hear “I’m gonna pop some tags…”

The next line is “Only got 20 dollars in my pocket.” My little friend, however, was clearly reminded of the song by the weight of 20 grams. So instead he sang “Only got 20 grams in my pocket.”

At first I just thought it was funny that he was singing it. (No, I did not remember that the line following the one he sang was “This is so f***ing awesome. Luckily he stopped in time.)

Later in the day, though, I retold it to a coworker, who raised an eyebrow and said “20 grams in my pocket?”

Oh. Huh. We probably don’t want the kids singing about how many grams they have on them.

Damn you, Macklemore. Damn you, science.


2 responses to “What’s in your pocket?

  1. I just began following you, due to a Common Core blog you posted and cannot stop laughing, and reading, and giggling, and reading some more! Great stuff, and glad to know that folks with a sense of humor like mine are still out there, teaching my kid’s 🙂

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