Leave me alone, I’m drinking

I learned the hard way that you should not buy booze near the school you teach at. A few years ago, my then roommate and I were hosting a party. I (stupidly) decided to stock up at the liquor store in the town I teach.

Of course, I was walking out to my car wheeling a cart chock full of beer. Of course a bus full of kids from my school went by. Of course it stopped in traffic mere feet in front of me. And of course one of my students poked his head out the window and hollered “That’s a lot of beer!”

So I learned my lesson.

Which is why today, I decided to go to the liquor store in the town I live. Half an hour away from my school. Less than a quarter mile from my house.

I walked out the door, with a six pack in one hand and a bottle of gin in the other. As I opened the door and walked out, I saw a car stopped at the light. A car full of students from my school. Who all waved enthusiastically as I tried to hide my alcohol behind my back.

I have no idea why they were there. But they were.

In the future, I will take the advice of a colleague who has been in the field a long time. Whenever confronted by students while holding an alcoholic beverage, I will shake it at them and yell “This is because of you!”


2 responses to “Leave me alone, I’m drinking

  1. Hahahha. Your students have a tracking device on you.

    My old roommate who is a Spanish teacher was dating another teacher at the school and they managed to keep it secret for a few years. Then, one spring break they went on a cruise and guess who else showed up on the boat? Students.

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