Be Nice to Possums

During read aloud, we came across the word considerate. I asked the kids what they thought it meant. This was the response from the boy who answered.

“Considerate means you are being nice, and thinking about a person’s feelings. Or a possums feelings. Or… Sam Adams feelings. The old guy from Boston, not the beer guy. Although I guess he counts too, so it can be the beer guy. Or… a bear.”

Now, for full disclosure, the character in the story was a possum. And we are learning about Samuel Adams during social studies, and it has been repeated several times that he is not currently alive and making beer. These things were clearly on his mind- along with bears, apparently.

The best part was his delivery. He was not in any way trying to be funny. He was trying very earnestly to make his case, and when he finished (a little out of breath and wild eyed), he nodded firmly.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to live in a world where we are nice to everyone?Wwoodland creatures, historical figures, and brewers included.


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