It’s raining… possums?

Spring is in full swing in our little corner of the world, and everything is blooming. All the trees on our playground are covered in flowers, and every time the wind blows petals swirl around. This happened out at recess and one of my boys joked to his friend, “Look! It’s snowing!”

His friend scoffed at him and said, “Uh, no! It’s possums.”

“It’s what?” Asked the first kid.

“Possums. That’s what it’s called when flowers are on trees. It’s possums that are falling on us.”

The first one said “Actually, it’s blossoms…” but his friend had already ran off to join a soccer game. The first saw me watching and walked over. “Are you picturing the same thing as me?” He asked. “I hope so.” I told him. “What are you picturing.”

He turned his little face up to the sky, closed his eyes, and whispered “Possums. Raining down on everyone.”


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