Summer is Over

Summer is Over

Aaaaand, we’re back! This depressing fact was scrawled on the entrance to my building the weekend before school started.


Mrs. Beard Guy

What a summer! I travelled, I saw old friends, I ate a ton of delicious food, I went to the beach, I got engaged!

Did I mention that I got engaged?

I was really excited to tell my students about it. To be honest, I was more excited to tell them than pretty much anyone else outside of my immediate family and one or two friends. No one gets excited for you like kids. Luckily, I got to see a few of them over the summer, and have conversations like this.

“Oh man! You’re ENGAGED! That’s awesome! I’m so excited! What does engaged mean?”

From a former student, now at the wise old age of 11- “FINALLY! I never thought you were going to get married!” When I pointed out that I was only 27, she said “Exactly.”

A few asked me who I had gotten engaged to, which was funny considering the fact that they have met him several times, and often danced around us squealing “You’re in loooooove.” When I reminded them of this, the answer was generally, “Oh yeah! Him.”

One who did remember said “Now you’ll be Mrs. Beard Guy!” They don’t always remember his name, but he has a pretty epic beard.

I taught a few summer camps over the summer, and had high schoolers as my assistants. One was a former student, now on her way into tenth grade. I had a blast talking to her, seeing her as a young adult. At one point she mentioned getting her license, and I commented that it made me feel old.

She huffed. “You feel old? When I met you, you were barely out of college, wicked young, an assistant- Now you’re engaged, you have your own classroom, you have a dog! That makes ME feel old!”

Kid perspective is the best. Teenager perspective, in this case.