Apple for the Teacher

Last week one of my girls handed me an apple when she walked in in the morning. “This is for you!” She told me. “Aw, thanks! Apple for the teacher!” She stared at me, then said “Yeah, I guess.” It was the same tone you would use if you gave your dentist a muffin and he or she exclaimed, “Aw! Muffin for the dentist!”

Basically, it made no sense to her. I explained the historical tradition of giving an apple to the teacher. “Why an apple?” She asked. I told her I didn’t really know. “Wouldn’t you be more excited about something with chocolate? You get REALLY excited when we give you cookies.” That’s true, I told her, but I appreciated the apple. “Oh, it was in the bottom of my bag, I was supposed to eat it yesterday and forgot. So I gave it to you.” It’s the thought that counts, I guess.

Last week was a good one for interesting teacher gifts. I was proudly presented with a dozen fresh eggs from a students chickens. I assume that when you know the chickens by name and frequently ask about how they are, you’re invested enough to reap the delicious benefits. I promised to take a moment of silence for Sunshine, who was eaten by a fox last month, anytime I made myself an omelette out of my eggy gifts.

I was also given a box of rocks. To be totally honest, I was loaned a box of rocks indefinitely, but that still counts. This might sound trite and adorable, but I was as excited as the owner of said box was. This little guy is a lot like I was at his age. We share a deep appreciation for things like interesting bugs, biographies of dead scientists, and, obviously, rocks. He lovingly went over every specimen, and where they are from. I have his solemn permission to teach a mini-lesson on density on rocks using his pumice. We’re kindred souls.

I receive interesting artwork pretty frequently. This weeks top contender was a picture of a 3 eyed dog who shoots lasers from one of his eyes- Not the extra one in the middle, as you might expect from an extra eye. “He shoots it from the one on the left.” I was told.

I’m not a big fan of apples, anyway.


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