Summertime Emails: Wedding Edition

Once upon a time, long years ago, ten year olds did not have email. These were dark times. For teachers, it meant a long, boring summer without ANY contact from their former students. No chain letters, no long series of awkward jokes that they had clearly forgotten you were cced on, no inexplicable typos that would puzzle a WWII cryptographer.

What did those teachers do with themselves during July and August? I can’t imagine.

As for me, I get emails all summer long. Some are so short you would think no one had spent the past year teaching them what a complete sentence was. Others are longer than any essay they ever wrote in an academic setting. Like so much else with kids this age, there is no middle ground.

I’m sounding sarcastic, but I really love the emails I get from them over the summer. I love that they want to share their adventures with me, whether it’s zip-lining at summer camp or finding interesting bugs.

One subject this summer has completely captivated them, and that is my wedding. I got married last month, and the emails leading up to and following the big day were amazing.

Quite a few were some variation on good luck, with varying specification and warnings attached.
Good luck on your wedding!
Good luck with having a husband now!
Good luck with your rings- I hope you don’t lose them!
Good luck with dancing- don’t hurt your feet!
Good luck with the cake- make sure you smoosh it all the way in his beard!

Some seemed to need to check in that I was ok.
Are you nervous? If not, should you be?
I hope you both are ready!
How cold are your feet? (I loved this one…)

Others focused on the party.
Drink lots of water! (Solid advice.)
I hope you picked music all people like, and not just what you like.
Have fun for me, will ya?

One little girl in particular took the cake in terms of sheer numbers. She sent me almost a dozen emails on a 5 day span from the days before to the day after.
Are you excited you’re getting married in two days? (This was sent at 10 pm, and she followed up at nine the next morning with this-) Are you excited you’re getting married tomorrow?
Take lots of pictures.
Take lots of pictures of your hair, ok? Is someone doing it for you? I hope so.
You are married!
Did you get my email yesterday? I sent it on your wedding day.
Are you having a honeymoon? Can I come?

Gotta love the support!


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