Hello, Summer

Between teaching a new grade level and being pregnant, this year was busy. Most of my days consisted of reading essays, learning new curriculum, and barfing. So I didn’t write here as much as I planned.

Now, I’m finally on vacation, and I have time to finish the drafts I started and abandoned, and write up some of the great moments from this year. At least until mid-August, and then I’ll drop off the face of the blogging world for a bit. Until then, here’s some new/old stuff!


2 responses to “Hello, Summer

  1. I stumbled upon your site trying to find out if I could have visible tattoos as a teacher. I’ve never been more happy to accidentally come across a site in my life.
    I just wanted to say you sound like a cool teacher and reading your entries made my day. I can’t wait to read more.

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