New Adventures in Fifth Grade

Today was the first day of school, and a big change for me! I’m moving from teaching grades 3/4 to grades 5/6. This year is fifth grade, and I was excited, nervous, and not sure what to expect. Today went great.

In ways, they were much older than I expected. We played a class game- and no one cried, no one refused to get up from the dirt where they were lying facedown, and no one used their teeth to try and win an argument! This may not sound like much, but anyone who has spent time with 8 year olds knows these are not unexpected behaviors.

In ways, they were younger than I expected. A moving chair made a fart sound, and it took us almost ten minutes to get the laughter under control. Someone spelled the word ‘sad’ wrong. When we tried to line up in birthday order, someone angrily insisted that April came before March. 

Honestly, I was worried that this blog would suffer. Would they make comments that made no sense to anyone? Would they do inexplicable things with their noses? Would they still say hilarious things? 

The answer to all of these questions is- Yes. Good god, yes.

Today’s highlights:

After meeting the new assistant principal : “So that’s the new superintendent!”

“This summer, my hamsters rode each other. A lot.”

“You’re not a dog, but I like you, and I think we’ll get along.”

And just to remind me we’re in scary pre-teen territory… “When I get my period, I’m gonna steal all the pads from my sister.”

Bring it on, 2014-2015 school year!