Things I Should Have Foreseen but Didn’t: Amphibian Edition

The kids are incredibly excited about the terrariums we’ve set up! They’ve asked if they can bring in things they find at home. Therefore I have been enthusiastically presented with Tupperware with holes poked in the top containing salamanders, worms, and a centipede that had been found in the kitchen trash at someones house. It’s been fun.

Yesterday one of my VERY quiet girls shyly asked me if she could bring in a frog. She explained that they were in the pond behind her house, and that they were very tiny. She even held her little fingers about an inch apart. She suggested we could make a home for one in the small empty aquarium that was currently empty. I told her yes, what a great idea!

This morning she handed me a cream cheese container that was literally shaking. “It was bigger than I expected”, she told me. Inside was a full grown frog. One I would need two hands to hold. Crap.

“Great hunny!” I told her. She walked away, beaming, to do her morning work. “It’s a full grown frog!” I hissed to my assistant. “What am I supposed to do?” I frantically hunted for things to put in the empty aquarium. Big rock, few inches of water, some dirt. I opened the container to let the big guy out.

You can probably see where this is going already. He LEAPED out, hitting me in the face. I screamed, he went flying, and all the kids came running over. At this point the poor frog was hopping across our bookshelves, I was wiping slime off my face and trying to corner him with a piteously small fish net. The kids were all hollering and shrieking with me, wanting to know why we had a frog and where it came from.

Eventually, after quite a struggle, I caught him and put him in his tiny home. When the kids went to music, I ran around the school hunting down a much larger aquarium, some containers for water, plants to use, and places for him to hide. I pretty much stole an item from every teachers pet supplies.

I managed to put him in his new, much larger home. This involved breaking the cover on the tank I borrowed, taping it together, sloshing a small aquariums worth of water all over myself, the floor, and the beanbags (but luckily missing the books!), and covering myself and the counter with soil.

Now Mr. Monster Frog has a happy new home, and my class has been sternly told not to bring anything else in. We have officially hit our maximum occupancy.