Back to Basics

Wow. That last post exploded.

I wrote what I wrote after a very long, frustrating day. I sat down, had a glass of wine, realized I wanted to cry, and instead started to write what turned into my previous post. Then I cried anyway.

I am humbled, honored, and a bit freaked out by the attention and views my post received. I hope it made some other teachers (and parents) feel less alone, and opened some eyes to the reality of the scary downslide our education system seems to be in. I’m also aware it pressed some people’s buttons!

It was an interesting few weeks. I briefly toyed with the idea of being a political blogger (much like I toy with the idea of being a firefighter, MMA fighter, or professional snake wrangler from time to time), but at the end of the day, I want to write about the funny stuff. The things that make me smile, snort, and laugh until I almost pee. Those things are what keep me going, and keep me sane.

Thank you to those of you who came to this blog and read my rants. I hope some of you will stick around for the fart jokes.